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Position Name Phone Number Email
Case Manager Kirsten Maltman (856) 935-1078  ext. 113
CST Director Dr. Todd Slimm (856) 935-1078  ext. 113
Speech Therapist Alicia Attkinson (856) 935-1078  ext. 113
Learning Consultant Victoria Danks (856) 935-1078  ext. 113
School Pyschologist Nicole Corson (856) 935-1078  ext. 113
Physical Therapist Diana Washart (856) 935-1078  ext. 113
Occupational Therapist Lucia Ingraldi (856) 935-1078  ext. 113




Project Child Find

Some children are born with, or may develop, physical and/or mental conditions which delay their normal growth and development. These conditions may affect the way a child sees, hears, talks, moves, plays, or learns. Many of these problems can be helped or completely corrected if parents recognize the problem early and seek help.

If your child is an infant or younger than 3 years of age, you can contact Project Child Find at 1-800-322-8174 for more information about programs or services through Early Intervention.

If your child is ages 3-21, services are available through Mannington Township School District. Please contact our Child Study Team Director, Dr. Todd Slimm, at (856) 935-1078, Ext. 137. 



Academic Support Instruction (ASI)

Our Academic Support programs offer supportive instruction in reading, language arts, and math skills for children in need of these services. Children are selected for the program based on teacher recommendation, test scores, and classroom performance. The programs provide a combination of in-class services and pull-out instruction. Narrative reports are sent to parents four times each year.

ASI is provided by our classroom teachers, who work with your child and know his/her learning needs best.  An Individual Student Improvement Plan (ISIP) will be developed to identify specific areas of need, but instruction may also include skills covered during daily lessons which need further teaching.

Our annual parent meeting for Academic Support is scheduled during Back-to-School Night each September.

For further information, please contact Ms. Williams at 935-1078.




Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)

If your child is experiencing difficulty in academic, emotional, or behavior areas, he or she may be referred to the I&RS Team. The Intervention and Referral Services Team is composed of teachers, the school guidance counselor or nurse, and a member of the Child Study Team. The committee will meet and develop an Intervention Plan which may include activities such as classroom accommodations, or the provision of special services such as counseling or occupational therapy.

Parents are an important part of the I&RS process, and their input and support are crucial to ensure the child a more successful school year.





 Child Study Team

Children who are exhibiting significant difficulty at school, with academic, social or emotional skills, may be referred to the Child Study Team. The Team is composed of a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant, a School Social Worker, and a School Psychologist. These specialists work with the teachers and parents to develop an evaluation plan. After the assessments are completed, the group will meet again to review results and determine whether a child has a specific learning or behavioral problem which may warrant a special education program. Parents are important members of the team, and their participation is vital to securing an appropriate program to meet their child's needs.

For further information, please contact your child’s teacher.






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